mercredi 19 octobre 2011


M'en faut un !! 52€ le bouquin par contre ça fait cher la signature
Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos is an expansion for Warhammer retelling the brutal conquests and bloody battles of the Chaos Warlord Tamurkhan and his horde in their quest to attain the favour of the Dark Gods. In this 208 page, full-colour hardback book you will find the saga of Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord, lavishly illustrated and darkly detailed, an extensive bestiary section and a campaign system allowing you to fight the battles of Tamurkhan's horde in exciting tabletop games of Warhammer. Also contained within is a fully playable Chaos Dwarf army list — The Legion of Azgorh — as well as rules for playing massive battles with forces drawn from the different Chaos Army books. In order to use the game content of this book fully, you will need to have copies of the Warhammer rulebook and the Warriors of Chaos and Empire Army books.

Printed on high quality paper, which presents the full colour artwork with an amazing depth and richness, each page is embellished with many tiny details, revealing never-before-seen vistas of the landscape and geography of the Warhammer world. The hardback, leather-effect binding, embossed with gold lettering, has been designed to emulate the faded binding of an arcane tome, down to the inclusion of the classic red silk-effect page marker.

Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 31st October, and the first 500 copies of this book ordered online or via our telephone line will be signed by the author,
Alan Bligh.

lundi 17 octobre 2011

Warploque - Cast up the Zombie Pirates!

Jamais trop de pirates zombie.

A propos

Hello there Ladies and Gents! Yes, it's me again :P


For those who do not know me from the various Miniature Forums, or if you have not seen my previous Projects, "Cast up the Dragon" and "Cast up the Giant" ( You can kind of see the theme here :P ), my name is Alex, also known as WarplockMonkey, Warploque or just plain Warpy. I am an amature wargames miniatures sculptor, and have been sculpting small scale miniatures for about 4 years.

This time,  I have been working on some 28mm undead pirates, and, after alot of interest on the internet, I have decided to get em finished and cast up!

I have for a while been running my own website, selling casts of my work in metal and resin, but because of the lack of a pre-order option through the service I am using, I have no idea whether it would be financially viable to cast the model. Resin casting is a very expensive buisness, and I would need to KNOW that people would be interested in casts of the model before I make the financial commitment!

This is where this website comes in! In this pack, you will be buying,


Captain Morgan Fellbeard


The Old Man of the Deep

Undead Pirate Crewmen

Undead Pirate Ogre


You can also order extra numbers of any of these if you so wish, just look under the "Bonus Products" section!

If you place an order, you are not charged until the target number of orders, in this case 10, has been reached. Then, as SOON as I have received the casts, they will be sent to you! :)


I hope to hear from you guys soon!


- Alex


Warploque Miniatures - Halflings of Hobbleshire

Warploque Miniatures - Bayourks of the Cayjon Swamplands

De quoi faire l'orque paysan australien Très bon pour une bande Mordheim.

Warploque Miniatures - Dragon

De bonnes lignes pour ce dragon pas ailé, même si un peu gras du bide. 2 têtes possible pour en faire un dragon pseudo oriental ou occidental.

Onemanworkshop's Song of Blades and Heroes warbands

J'aime bien sont style et sa façon de mixer des gammes. Le zombis Heroscape par exemple sont bien cool.
The Zombie Horde Warband

The figure manifest for this group:
  - The zombies are all from Heroscape, I have a total of 15 of them done for this group.
  - The ghast in the center is from Reaper Miniatures,
Maugramak, Ghast Hero
  - The female on the left is also from Reaper Miniatures, Darkthrall Priestess
  - The large zombie ogre is a D&D Zombie Hulk figure
  - and finally the large necromancer is a Bloodelf Necromancer from World of Warcraft minaitures game. It has been modified with a staff from Reaper miniatures, 
Darkspawn Weapons Pack

dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Reprise peinture Flagellant 15 ans après !

Il y a des choses comme ça qui reprennent leur chemin...

Ces figurines datent de plus de 15 ans et on été converti à cette époque car je n'avais que 3 modèles différents – Devinez d'où vient la hache du deuxième rang ;). Il y eu pas mal de charcutage de plomb et de doigts pour avoir un résultat qui 15 ans après est pas top mais à l'époque j'en étais assez fier.

La peinture est sans plus est dans le même style que ce que j'avais fait il y a 15 ans sur six mais qui ne sont pas en photo.

Le fait que GMW ait retrouvé du lavis marron bien foncé – comme l'était le Skaven Brown – et qu'Asclépios m'ait demandé de lui prêter des Flagellants pour un tournoi m'a permis de presque mettre à terme le projet des années plus tard . Je dis bien presque, car Asclépios a en sa possession d'autres flagellants pas terminé.

samedi 15 octobre 2011

Picking up the brush again...

Le musée des horreurs. Le schéma de peinture est sympathique et le mélange des gammes détonant.

Here is the complete manifest from this group of figures. The figures are from a variety of sources.

    - The 2 frog like creatures on the left are D&D miniatures Nothics.
    - The open mouthed bloated things are Soul Grubs from the Dreamblade game.
    - The two white faces smokey things are Dreamstuff entities, also from the Dreamblade game.
    - The two running screeming guys are Screambent Lunatics, also from the Dreamblade game.
    - The two winged demons are Shadow Demons from D&D miniatures.
    - The large beast on the right is a Displacer beast lord from D&D miniatures.
    - The large smoke thing in back is a Caller in Darkness, from D&D miniatures.
    - The horned lady on the right is Ejhin de Vanth from Rackham miniatures.
    - And finally the other floating female summoner is a Heroscape figure, Runa, with a cloak from the bits box.

The Red Beastmen of Mordheim [PICS]

Il m'énerve un peu le Speedpainter ! Encore très beau je trouve

The Red Beastmen of Mordheim [PICS]

Hello again! For client another warband (the first were the Kislevites here: This time they were beastmen accompanied by a minotaur, a centigor and three chaos hounds. The client wanted these red with light grey fur, so of course I obliged. To make it look more natural I added a touch of dark grey and black in the mix as well on some spots, most notably down the backs of some models. I personally don't like hard edges between two colours of a pelt so I blended it in as well as I could where appropriate. The hounds received the same colours as the rest of the bunch with a bit more patterning on the skin.

To contrast the red skin I painted the loincloths and trousers light green. I think this colour works in all directions: it works as a natural colour, it works for Nurgle and being quite light it even works for slaanesh to some extent (for example on the one with the Fiend face). It may not work that well for Tzeentch or Khorne but the models are already red and white so those gods shouldn't complain anyway wink

Apart from the green there aren't a lot of colours in use as these fellows just don't wear too much clothing, just your basic black and brown leathers mostly, more colours would look out of place.

The Centigor was missing a horn so I filled the hole where the other horn should be and modelled it as if the horn had broken off.

The Minotaur is a pretty rough sculpt and I don't think we've become friends, on the other hand there are some real gems in there, especially the warthogmen are lovely!

The client made a lot of effort to model nice bases for these models and he's going to finish them himself, so for now they're a bit brown. I can't wait to see the final result though!

[Image: redbeastmen01.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen02.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen03.jpg][Image: redbeastmen04.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen05.jpg][Image: redbeastmen06.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen07.jpg][Image: redbeastmen08.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen09.jpg][Image: redbeastmen10.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen11.jpg][Image: redbeastmen12.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen13.jpg][Image: redbeastmen14.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen15.jpg][Image: redbeastmen16.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen17.jpg][Image: redbeastmen18.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen19.jpg][Image: redbeastmen20.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen21.jpg][Image: redbeastmen22.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen23.jpg][Image: redbeastmen24.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen25.jpg][Image: redbeastmen26.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen27.jpg][Image: redbeastmen28.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen29.jpg][Image: redbeastmen30.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen31.jpg][Image: redbeastmen32.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen33.jpg][Image: redbeastmen34.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen35.jpg][Image: redbeastmen36.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen37.jpg][Image: redbeastmen38.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen39.jpg][Image: redbeastmen40.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen41.jpg][Image: redbeastmen42.jpg]