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Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Blood on the Street

Maintenant que j'ai une belle bande de Judges il va bien falloir jouer !

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Blood on the Streets

Posted by Matthew Sprange

We are just about to send the first supplement for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, Blood on the Streets, off to print!

 We are really happy with the way this book has turned out - it contains all the usual goodies you would expect, such as the force lists for the Judda, new Talents (I particularly like the Futsie talent tree!) and new Heroes/Mercenaries. However, we have also aimed for this supplement to change the way you play your campaigns at a fundamental level, through the use of scenarios dedicated to specific forces.

For example, you can now play through scenarios where a Link and Fink are trying to rescue the other member of the Angel Gang, Sky Surfers practising for the next Supersurf (but in enemy territory!), Chief Judge Cal hunting down citizens who have really offended him, or stage a night-time assault with your Apocalypse War Resistance Unit with Bat Gliders!

The book is jam-packed full of new ways to play the game and will be available around the end of November - I'll post an update when we have a firm release date. 

Chief Judge backers will be getting a copy of this book for free, while all Sector Chiefs will be eligible for a PDF version.

As for miniatures, we are just waiting for delivery of the Assassinator Droids and Lazooka Judge, which will be dispatched to all of you as soon as they arrive. The first of the Biker gangs is being sculpted right now (or, rather, the riders are - the bikes are already complete, will have photos for you next week), and the arrival of Hammerstein is imminent!

More news to follow...

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