vendredi 20 décembre 2013

Mise à jour de Battle Companies

Un blog qui se propose de tenir à jour les règles des Compagnies de Combat (Compagnie de L'Anneau comme on l'a appelé à Stonehenge). En gros c'est l'équivalent de ce qu'est Necromunda à Warhammer 40K. C'est à dire un système d'escarmouche avec prise d'expérience et pas plus d'une dizaine de figurines.

Dommage ne pas trouver de ChangeLog, histoire de pouvoir suivre les changements et les raisons des changements par rapport à la version GW.

jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Chaos Knights : Final part (Banners and Relics)

Travail d'orfèvre

Ian Miller The global aspect of the regiment is a compact unit, heavily armored and saturated by an abundance of details and ornaments. Different elements overhang the Knights (weapons, lances, personal banner, totem…), the result is a formation with a rather big size necessary to occupy the space around the huge army banner.   As usual, I use different colors to paint chaos armors but the final result is a cohesive mass, to get this effect, I unified every horsemen with several links like golden parts on armors, brownish parts of leather, blue steel weapons/chains, same colors and technic to paint the horns/spikes/hoofs and  I used a sick flesh color for shields/champion arm/mutations/banners. This Chaos Champion is the leader of the unitHis face is hidden by a hood in memory of his Chaos Cultist life. He wears the Crown of Commanding, a testimony of gratitude from his God for his long progression on the road of the power. He has a second relic, a demonic weapon forged by an unknown Chaos entity from the Warp, this weapon involve the Champion in a perpetual blood lust. Sir BridgendSteve is an Undead Chaos Champion, his God rewarded him by a magical lance decorated with the heads of his rivals from past. Chaos relics are not an obligation, but they add details on mini's and help to suggest back ground of the Chaos Knights, here I added a sword and bags to embellish the knight.Bones protections are inspired by Chaos bones armors of Jes Goodwin. But it's not the only reference from his work, riveted disk on shields and banners come from the Skaven and Elven range of the same era. Diamond chaos rune is another reference and recurrent in my chaos army.  Your doom cometh Man-things, that's a warning for human race and their allies.  It's inspired by a famous banner in the Citadel Third Compendium.  To build this banner, I stuck the painted paper banner on plastic poles and I decorated it with green stuff items like chains, bags full of magic stones, chaotic rune…  Black eyes on shields are ensorcelled. They give a magical protection and guide the arm of the knights during the battle. Blood tears symbolize an old defeat on the battlefield, in the case of Sir Vintagephreak, the tear represents the defeat during the final battle of the campaign against Norsc Dwarfs clans.   This figurine was bought at the end of 80's by my brother, I lightly modified the position of the front legs of the horse.    Damned, wicked, hated, defiled and foul. These words are the battle cry of the Regiment, they scream it to transcend them before a charge. I wrote their battle cry on the banner in the same way of the old Napoleonic French Flags embroidered with names of victory from the past, testament of a life on the battlefield. I was inspired by a banner in the WHFB 3rd ed rules book page ().    Lord Weazil, this Knight is the second and last leader of the unit, he's the keeper of the Chaos Star relic. The vision of the banner on the battlefield is sufficient to scarify the most courageous heroes from The Empire. Lord Weazil is a head taker, his life is dedicated to challenge every heroes on his way. To help him in this eternal labor, his god blessed him with a massive ensorcelled battle axe.   Three names appear on Knights bases, these names belong to members of the OldHammer scene, I exchanged or bought with them certain parts of the knights where I sculpted their name. Thank you Gentlemen, now your names (and your lead) follow me on every Battlefield. (Weazil : Knight Body, Vintagephreak : Knight Body, Bridgend Steve : Horse)To finish, I propose you a game. Try to find the owners of these following pieces. Good luck.

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