mardi 25 novembre 2014

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game: Block War news

Très fun cette Banshee !
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Assassinators, Banshee and More!

Posted by Matthew Sprange
Good morning, everybody!
Right now we are beavering away on the last few items of the Judge Dredd Kickstarter, so it must be time for an update!
First up, we have had a delivery, hot from the forges of Warlord, and we spent yesterday sorting all the models out - they are now ready for shipping and will start going out to you tomorrow, so expect another package before Christmas.
These include the two Assassinator Droids and the Lazooka Judge. However, we are keen to do right by you chaps and chapettes who have been waiting for models, so we are including a bonus model for all Council, Sector Chief and, of course Chief Judge levels - a Judge armed with a Stub Gun (frankly as dangerous to the user as any target!). We expect it will take about a week or so to get all the packages out, but we are working on that right now!
Second, the next model we are expecting from Warlord is Oz Judge Bruce on his trike. Casting is just about to start on this and we expect to see it here before Christmas - if you are in the UK, you will also see it before Christmas. If you are overseas, we'll keep you informed as to shipping dates.
Third, we have been dribbling out Pat Wagons and Banshees but we frankly have not been doing it fast enough. We have taken new measures to speed up production and the assembly line will swing into action mid-December. From that point we are expecting to see a lot more vehicles and are aiming to get them all out very early in the New Year - we should see the first Biker gangs by this point too.
In the meantime, we have just received the first painted Banshee, and it looks sweet!
 I'll leave things there, but expect to see previews of the last ABC Warriors and first Biker Gangs very soon (along with the actual Oz Judge Bruce!)

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mercredi 12 novembre 2014

SuperSystem 4th edition

Après le Kickstarter avorté pour d'obscures raisons, le livre est disponible en dématérialisé.

De quoi ressortir ces figurines clix.