samedi 29 septembre 2012

Re: Hell Dorado: Inferno

Rémi ne craque pas !
En exclusivité mondiale, de retour de la GenCon, une photo de la prochaine nouveauté Cipher...

Hell Dorado: Inferno

Un supplément HD en Kickstarter pour 2013 !! Miam.

We are proud to announce today that 2013 will see Cipher's first Expansion for the Hell Dorado Tactical Miniatures game.

The new book, tentatively titled Hell Dorado: Inferno, will feature a multitude of new model options for everyone's favorite Hell Dorado Factions, plus: New scenarios, new battlefields, new abilities, and a brand new arc in the Hell Dorado Story.

We plan to fund this project through Kickstarter following the Medusa Deck project. Keep an eye here for the latest updates and previews as we approach the launch date!

Here's a sneak peak at one of the character concepts that will be filling the pages of this new volume.

Templar Guillaume de Sable

In the year 1635, mankind invaded Hell. This year, Hell fights back!

On trouve aussi une illustration nommée demi djin... ragh

demi djin 2

demi djin 2

Les Souterrains Oublies

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