mercredi 25 août 2010

Micro art Studio - Nezumi Ashigaru Heads

Envie de faire un clan Eshin de Cathay ou Nippon

Avatars of War - WIP Répurgateur


Peinture -


Confrontation, le jeu vidéo


Corvus' Miniatures - Cloud backdrops for your miniature photographs


Corvus' Miniatures - Video Tutorial: How to make green stuff press molds


Avian - Card-based Terrain Generator

Un générateur de terrain d'Avian. Il tente de régler les écueils du
système aléatoire du livre de règle Warhammer v8. À tester.

CoolMiniOrNot - Elf on Great Eagle (Limited Edition: 399)

Pas mal

Screeching in fury, the Great Eagle swoops on the enemies of its Elf master, ripping them with its razor sharp talons as its rider launches spears and arcane doom upon his victims.

Over 110mm tall, this beautiful resin Great Eagle is truly a sight to behold, and comes complete with a beautifully sculpted Elf hero complete with spear and optional base.  The ultimate addition to any Elf army, and an amazing center piece to your miniature collection.

If you are looking for something special, truly limited, collectible, and sought after, make sure you get this while supplies last.

[Compagnies de Combat] Compagnie alterntives - Compagnies d'Elfes

Le Palantir nous propose 2 nouvelles compagnie de combat pour ce jeu qui mériterai d'être renommé Compagnie de l'Anneau (CdA) pour rester la continuité des 2 autres jeux.

Mantic Games - Andrew Wedmore: Berserker Lord

Du tueur original en veux-tu en voilà

Hell Dorado - Des news de Cipher (?)

Ridicule. Je me doutais pas qu'il allait faire une boucherie de l'univers et du style... autant faire un nouveau jeu dans ces conditions, non ? Je dis ça mais par contre j'aime vraiment le style des nouvelles cartes autant que j'ai un doute sur les règles de ce nouveau personnage.
Bravo à la peinture CCCP

Mythicast - Toute la gamme

War Wolf Cavalry Iron Priest War Wolf Mount Set
69.00 w/ free shipping
$29.00 w/ free shipping

Ravenous Storm Gunship
Alien Sporepod
$89.00 w/ free shipping

Available only for pre-order. Leave your requests here.
$45.00 w/ free shipping

Mythicast - Iron Priest War Wolf Mount with 4 Cybernetic Fenrisian Wolves



Une army box à 30€ !! Bon ok y a de la peinture à reprendre mais c'est pas cher du tout. Je me laisserais bien tenter s'il n'y avait pas les frais de port.

Le plastique à la carte! - La carte de la carte plastique !

Une carte google qui référence les magasins vendant de la carte plastique de modélisme.

lundi 9 août 2010

Tabletop Gaming - Scale Guide

Toujours utile quand on veut acheter de l'historique d'avoir une table d'équivalence

Knight Models - Starwars 30mm Luminara Ulundi & Barriss Offee


Raging Heroes - L'incroyable print 3D de Kahn Urkan !


Cipher Studios - Hell Dorado - Augustinus Raimond

Sympa ! Par contre très fantastique et vadorien pas forcément en accord avec la touch Hell Dorado

Army Builder 3.3 details

Pouvoir imprimer les cartes de jeu et pourvoir avoir des feuilles de jeu personnalisée sont des innovations super intéressantes !!

The latest update for Army Builder will be released this Fall. We wanted to give all of you a heads up as to what will be included in the update so you can all start getting excited now.

Customizable output: By writing an XSLT file, users can generate totally customizable Army Builder output for their rosters. You'll also be able to create game-specific output formats, to make your rosters look great and fit in with whatever you're playing.

Set your own unit images: Users will be able to add their own unit images, either local images or images downloaded from the web. These images can then be shown while you're creating an army.

Widescreen mode: Those of you with larger monitors will now get the option of a new set of info windows to show beside your roster. You'll be able to show all sorts of exciting options, like displaying unit images, showing roster statistics, roster validation info, and other assorted output.

Improved info windows: We'll be adding a third info window for systems that can support the larger space. This will include a splitter to let you control the size of each info window, plus we'll be adding a separator between the available units list and the info windows, to let you change how much space is available for each.

Tournament text output: V3.3 will let you output your roster in a format tailored for tournament organizers, showing all point costs and nothing else.

Improved Select Game System form: Instead of always loading a game from the Select Game System form and then picking a saved roster, you'll be able to directly choose a roster to load, getting you started that much faster.

Card output: For games that use cards (like Malifaux), Army Builder V3.3 will now support printable card output so you can print the cards for models yourself.

Improved available units grid: V3.3 will restructure the available units grid to enhance the organization of units, making it easier to locate and add the units you want.

Better Windows 7 support: Army Builder will now work without requiring elevated permissions, no matter where it is installed, plus we'll be including jump list integration (being able to right-click the Army Builder icon and launch a roster or game directly).

Many more minor features and improvements designed to make it easier for users and data file authors to use Army Builder.

Livre de règles Warmachine Mk2 en français


Urban Mammoth Forums - VTA Supplement

Jake Thornton a rejoint Urban Mammoth pour le développement d'un supplément jeu avec expérience pour UW.

Urban War: Veteran Team Actions

As you may imagine, I've already been doing some work on the framework for VTA. This may change in detail, though it should be broadly what we end up with.

This is a supplement for UW a bit like UW CLAU-Team Actions. VTA will add an experience/campaign system to allow players to keep the same teams over several games. The intention is to include a general framework for advancement onto which each faction adds their own spin. Syntha and Gladiators, for example, don't value the same things and won't see the same things as improvements so that should be true in VTA. Although it's a lot more work to have different experience systems for each faction, it's just way cooler and will give a lot more character to the forces, so that's what I want to do. As I said though, the principles will be the same for each so you only have to learn the basic mechanics once. The details, however, will be different for each side.

Broadly put, by doing well in battles individual team members will gain new skills and abilities as well as equipment. I have a particularly simple-but-cool mechanic in mind for this which adds a nice level of decision making and angst to the game.

There will need to be a system to balance veteran teams against newbies.

VTA will include a campaign system to fight linked battles.

Additional equipment, abilities and scenarios will be included as appropriate.

And that about covers it. I'll come back and expand on each of these areas later.

Feuille de référence pour Aeronautica Imperialis - Blog de Baru |


Mongoose Publishing - Judge Dread - Playtest Pack 2.0 Up!

La version 2.0. Réécriture, ajout, règle de campagne plus formelle, règles pour des héros mercenaires.

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, the latest version of the Playtest Pack is up. Please read Playtest Pack.doc first, as it will explain why we have jumped to 2.0 (and saves me repeating it here).

However, you will notice, alongside the re-written rules set, some tasty new additions.

Campaigns now have a more formal structure and, with the Mercenary rules, leads the way for us to include 'named' heroes, like Anderson and Dredd. Set Force Lists are in, and new forces like the Cursed Earth Desperadoes will be following very soon. Talents are now working the way I wanted them to and, with that revision, the introduction of Psi powers became easy.

We need more forces, more mercenaries, and more scenarios in the game (possibly more Talents too), which is where I want to start focussing development. Vehicles will follow on from this, and we can debate about Suppression - I would personally rather leave it within the realms of Talents rather than a carte blanche rule, but play some games, and let me know what you think.

Overall, I believe this is now shaping up to be a much better game, but the proof is always with you chaps!
Matthew Sprange

Alessio Moves to Mantic?


Random Treasure Generator