mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Kalevala Hammer - NORSCA

Jackdays propose une nouvelle version de son supplément Norsca (carte, background, règles...). Enjoy.
Hi everyone.

I have finally finished the newest version of my Norsca Project! Project did expand very much, and it did consume more time than I taught. Main sourcebook about Norsca is now 160+ pages and this doesn't even include actual system based rules.

Norsca sourcebook includes now everything - It is system free sourcebook. It features full details about the land, the people, history (with timeline), the society, the tribes (including gazetteer), Norse lexicon, religion (with calender, holy sites, legends, Norse Gods, heroes and other stuff about their mixed faith), rules/ideas about Norse characters, and dreaded bestiary. And even more rules (about northern climate, herbalism, alcohols, trade, dragonships...etc.).

Can't really take full credit here - the information I have found, and gathered together, comes from huge number of sources. Main sources are offcourse Tome of Corruption (WFRP2), original Norsca Project (WFRP1), WFB books and probably The Citadel Journal 6:Norsca. But - Special thanks belongs to other fans also, especially those who kept reminding me about the great Warhammer Forever (legendary site long gone) Norsca project, from which I have found also much stuff for this new version. And many fans that have given alot of ideas, official and original fluff to use.

You found everything from my site:

Norsca: The Grim North of Perilous Adventure
Main sourcebook and totally system free! Any rule based information (this including careers and bestiary) are presented so it can be easily adapted to any system you want to use it. This could be WFRP1, WFRP2, WFRP3 or any other system (RuneQuest, Pathfinder...etc.).

Norsca: WFRP 1st Edition Rules
This is for all the fans of WFRP1 rules! It was actually fun to take good old books and create WFRP1 based rules. This includes some new rules, magical bonuses, runes, tribal rules, careers (I'll even throw Champion of Chaos -careers as extra), expanded bestiary rules and new monsters...

Norsca: WFRP 2nd Editon Rules
WFRP2 rules have been ready since the coming of Tome of Corruption. This document has them and my project comes with some new rules, like expanded cold weather / environment rules, magical bonuses, runes, new careers and bestiary...

Norsca Map V2
This was published earlier this year.

Norsca Map - Tribal Regions
Smaller map, with tribal information.

Yep - I dont have WFRP3 rules - Yet. I probably need some help with those (like creating career cards...etc.).


dimanche 13 novembre 2011

Prometheus Rising Studios - Kaiju Kaos Monster Diorama Kompleted!

Une figurine pour Eric.

Nains (unité) - Monteur d'Ours - Warhammer Forum - Page 5

Dernier travail en date ;)

Stone Troll sculpt

Pas mal
As part of my RPG group's growing penchant for miniature use (totally commendable of course Wink ), our DM approached me one day, requesting me to deliver a huge troll, for half of the group to fight, as a sort of end-level-boss.

And because he had a very clear picture of what he wanted to see, I first had to source pictures off the net and scetch out some ideas, to see if my vision of the monster matched his.

I finally found this picture, which served as the main inspiration for my creation. Of course the scale is way off, but the idea of rocks assembling to form an anthromorphic figure appealed to me, as did the shape of the head. He wanted it slightly lopsided though, wanted a tree growing out of it somewhere, as well as a smaller troll growing out of its body. I finally added a small troll riding its shoulders though, as I didn't see the siamese twin look happening really... Also, I clearly wanted it to look like it had been asleep underground for decades, centuries or even millennia, with only its shoulders/back rising out of the ground, like a rocky outcrop.

So, with that settled, I set to work. First I needed a basis to work from, as building such a monster completely out of putty would be too (time)costly. I finally sourced a cheap 'Gormiti' action figure with an already rocky look to it (Half Elf Rogue for scale purposes only, just like the hapless Necromunda Juve in the following picture Wink  ):

I cut it apart (the silly head had to go of course) and glued the arms and legs back into a more menacing pose, stooping over a bit, because I wanted him to be  massively hunchbacked.

To give him more mass, I used air-drying clay (DAS) to sculpt the larger additions to the torso and limbs, scribing the lines dividing the little pieces of rock, before the clay dried:

As he required even more mass though, I slowly built up his mass, by adding consecutive layers, especially effecting the lopsided look. The basis for the head was also done at this stage. It is that knobly thing on the front with all the little holes, which is more clay over a metal pin. I did this to ensure the ProCreate, which I would be using to sculpt the head around it, would have enough surface to cling to (and also to ensure I didn't have to exhaust my entire stock of the stuff for just this head).

I also added the dead tree on its back from a wire frame covered in Green Stuff:

Because the thicker parts of the clay dried at different speeds, a lucky occurance took place: the clay cracked in places, adding a very real rocky effect to the sculpt. And I wasn't even trying! Cheesy

I've taken a leap here in the process, to spare you the boring details. The sculpting is done, including the head, I've added real rocks (read: gravel from the garden) and sand to the shape, sometimes even tacking them on haphazardly, to create this manshape-out-of-a-jumble-of-rocks look.

I've also added some dead leaves to the tree, mushrooms, fallen leaves, the skull of a hapless soldier, on what will become the part of the troll which had been above the surface, and a little troll friend, which is more of a fantasy version of Salacious Crumb than anything else... (note that here, he still has his sculpted sword in his right hand. I will later decide to give him an icicle to swing around. In the painted pics, you can see the hole I drilled to accomodate this).
Here, the entire figure has been undercoated a light brown (with a cheap acryilic spray paint, approaching GW's Vomit Brown in colour). The shiny spots are those I missed whilst spraying, and I had just touched those areas up with a brush (and actual Vomit Brown Wink )...

And then on to the (almost) completed product.

I initially wanted to add ice to his fists, with icicles hanging off them, snowy patches here and there, as that was what the GM explicitly requested. However, due to time restraints, I was only able to get him painted, without the added ice effects. That's why the little guy is still missing his club here...

As the figure got used immediately after (and performed horribly underwhelmingly, I fear to confess), it ended up in my miniatures cabinet, without ever getting properly finished as it should.

But I'm planning to do that some time soon. I will then add those pictures here of course.

So, without further ado, here he is, my 'Vampire: Dark Ages, Faery Winter Court Stone Troll 'Endl-level Boss' Antagonist':

PS: the last picture best approaches the actual colours of the paintjob; the first two completely washed out for some reason; I still suck with a camera...

mardi 8 novembre 2011

DreamForge-Games - Project Eisenkern - 32mm miniatures by Mark Mondragon — Kickstarter

Précommande de Kriegmarine fort sympathique.

Company of the Damned: Product Review: Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos

Une reviews sympathique du livre.

Realms of Chaos: Tamurkhan : The Throne of Chaos

Au putain !! Je veux mon exemplaire !!
Just to share with you the new Forge World supplement for WHFB, in this smart book you can find a lot of back ground and story about the "Hero" Tamurkhan, illustrations, rules campagne, scenario.
But the most interesting is the army list. They're open to mix Chaos warriors, beastmen, demons and add chaos dwarfs supports in the same army... Rules exist to representing the animosity between chaos Gods...
It smell like "Realms of Chaos" spirit.

Vesper-on: Carnevale

Un jeu avec pour thème le Venise du 18ème siècle fantastique. Les figurines
sont signé entre autre JAG, Thomas David, Remy Tremblay... bref c'est très
français et pour moi ça sent bon le Hell Dorado.

lundi 7 novembre 2011

No, you go water the plants!

Ça plaire à  Éric

No, you go water the plants!

A question was posted on TMP about the feasability of using some GW pieces to make vicious plants. We took that as a challenge, or task, or excuse to buy more minis and waste time painting them.

This may be more primitive, but it was just as fun and actually turned out well enough for us to want to show it around. Very simple, these are just the GW torsos mentioned in the TMP post smooshed to old HeroClix figure bases with Crayola Model Magic clay, then painted up.

I always put some adhesive on what I want the clay to stick to. It dries soft, but firm enough, but it doesn't adhere. After sticking the torso in the muck, I used a pencil to open up a hole in the middle, then tamped the outside back against the tentacles. My original thought was to put giant flourescent colored flower petals around the outside of the business end of the predatory plants, but that just wasn't working. So instead, I just popped a few pieces of floral wire in the clay to add some additional biological miscelanea to the pieces.

Painting these guys up was also a happy experiment. Normally, I prime figures with Krylon indoor-outdoor paint in a color that I want to be an undertone of the whole piece. About halfway through, I ran out of the green I was using. So I went back to grab black as a catchall primer coat. Well, I saw the metallic blue there, and though it would be nicely related to green, so I went with that instead. The mix of the two colors turned out so nice, I decided just to spray paint the pieces in toto. All it took was a splurtz of red in the centers then a dusting of khaki from far away to give these guys a nice look. I went ahead and finished them with a double coat of clear sealant. When you apply (Krylon?) spray sealant too thick, it becomes like a translucent white haze over the piece. This usually ruins figures, but sometimes it can be used to even out and neutralize a piece. I think it ended up with a decent effect.

I only did a minimal bit of painting after the spraypaint. The tips of the tentacles got Apple Barrel flourescent yellow paint. This stuff is horrible for regular painting, since, no matter what I put under it as a base or primer, it doesn't adhere well and barely covers after multiple coats. That, however, makes it really good for making a dayglo color flim like coat. Like, say, pollen?

At the Hoard of Bits price, this was $10 of parts for nine figures. That's a little above my regular "one buck a figure" limit for being cheap. If I had stayed with 3 torsos per plant, it would have hit right at one dollar. But I think having the three "big" ones with four tentacles was worth it.