dimanche 19 juin 2011

Realm of Lead Addiction: Zulu Army of Doom

Belle utilisation de figurines Void et Chronopia !

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Zulu Army of Doom

In a discussion about political correctness in wargaming a wise guy said:
'If you have to explain it you most probably crossed the line'
Given the paragraph below I crossed the line and then some.

Back in 2006 I was an eager fantasy tournament nut and on the outlook for a new brok... erm balanced army as a follow up to my chaos dwarfs. Lizardmen were all the rage back then as they offered something in every facet of the game. In short they made an average player look good. Problem was that I have never been sold on the Jurassic Park gone fantasy look. Dinosaurs had lost all appeal to me when transforming robots and manly socialised He-Man figures (Fisto- what were they thinking...) entered my childhood.
Browsing for alternatives I came about some old Citadel pygmies and the idea was there. A Zulu-Pygmie like tribe riding on ferious jungle animals. In hindsight there is so much wrong about the image but back then I set out and started painting pygmies, savage orcs and various animals. The pot bellied miniatures and pink colouring of the lips that doesn´t help to portray me a an tolerant individaul free from racil stereotypes. I´m sorry if I offend anyone with these pictures. Pretending to be unaware of the ehnical stereotyping these minis `play with`while painting several dozens of them and accentuating said prejudices even further would be straight out spineless but I never had any intentions to belittle racism or even portray it using toy soldiers. This army was meant to be a pisstake on GW´s spikes and skulls syndrome and all the evil dark brooding stuff of doom.
Yet it is perhaps my best painted army and received good comments in the past from those that regarded it as a collection of toys belonging to a perhaps strange yet politically seasoned guy.
So then...

Slaan, Saurus-trainers-hero and scroll caddy.

The rank-and-file.

The bent stuff.

And more of the same.