lundi 3 janvier 2011

Maelstrom Games - The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera

Miam miam !!
The cold mountains of Fortriu, in the far north where ice and snow hold sway, is the domain of a horror that none dare speak of lest it hear their words and descend upon them with all the fire and fury such foolishness deserves. A barbaric Chimaera of manticore and wyrm and goat, an unspeakable atrocity to nature and the order of things as they should be, the Terror of Fortriu's true origins have been lost to the annals of Man and to the Gods themselves for millennia. Few mortals have seen the creature and lived. Fewer still have escaped its fire. All are marked by their ordeal until their own end, their spirit broken by a primeval force that demands their soul, for so marked, many return to the Terror's fiery embrace, unwilling to live for a future where their dreams are torment and their reality anguish.

release date: 01/01/11
contents: this contains

The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera

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