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10 jeux pour explorer les jeux de figurines à ruban

Quand Croc remplace Mr Phal pour présenter le jeu de stratégie avec figurines alias wargames avec figurines alias jeu de figurine à ruban 🎗 😉
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[Mordheim] Dramatis Personae - Child of Light

Le 4 août Tuomas Pirinen a laché une bombe dnas la communauté Mordheim en dévoilant des règles pour le Child of Light un concept qui n'avait pas pu être dévelopé il y a 20 ans à la sortie du jeu.


Tuomas Pirinen, Brutal Deluxe Game Design


Designer's Notes:
Many people expressed interest in the Child of Light concept in the Mordheim 20 years presentation, so I thought I'd whip some gameplay ideas together for her.

Obviously, the official history of the Warhammer World took a completely different turn, and this write-up should be considered a homebrew "what if" material.

Johanna is immensely powerful, and should only be used in special scenarios where her quest to defeat the Shadowlord and crown the new Emperor is the focus. Her defeat in combat would always automatically lose the battle for her side.

This version represents the Child of Light at her weakest, having just been woken by the Sisters, later on she would grow up to be the Champion of Light, every bit as powerful as Archaon, the Everchosen of Chaos: a White Lady to oppose the Dark Knight.


So it came to pass that the Sisters of Sigmar succeeded in the impossible, and gathered so many of shards of the Wyrdstone wounding the body of Sigmar's realm that their quest was completed: for in the cataclysm that destroyed Mordheim, there were also seeds of salvation. As the dread Shadowlord descended with the comet to bring eternal night to the Empire, so came a ray of hope. A stream of light, the second tail of the comet, fell upon the Rock, the fortress convent of Sisters of Sigmar. Within the crater it left behind they discovered a hideous horned daemon, holding in its heart a glowing orb, which clearly caused it immense pain. Wisely choosing to bind the creature with blessed chains of gromril, the Sisters sought guidance from their god through their all-seeing Augurs. Their prayers were answered, and as instructed by their Augurs, the Sisters set out to free this servant of Sigmar from the skies above: they were commanded to gather the shattered pieces of the comet, seal them deep beneath their tempe in the Vault of Redemption to stop their corrupting influence from empowering the demonic creature holding the mysterious light.

After many months of most bitter struggles, and after losing dozens of Sisters of the Order in brutal street fights, one day the High Matriarch Bertha witnessed how the daemonic form around the glowing light shattered with a wail of utter despair and impotent rage, and from it emerged their long-awaited saviour: Within they found a child of unsurpassed beauty, a girl with unmistakable golden hair of the Unberogens tribe and blue eyes shining brighter than any star or gemstone, her laughter a peal of silver bells that was like finest wine on a parched soul. She was of Sigmar and yet her own person too: Both a girl of eight years and an emissary of the patron god of the Empire. They named her Johanna Heldenhammer, for her lineage could not be doubted.

Within hours of her awakening the girl spoke to the Sisters: Johanna told that she had been sent to find and crown the rightful emperor of men, not to rule herself: Sigmar, the wise Father of Men, wanted his people to grow up independent, proud and strong, not relying on supernatural help. Sigmar also knew that should he install an immortal, all-powerful ruler on the Throne of the Empire, his people would in the end be no more free than under a rule of a tyrant.

Despite the protest of the High Matriarch, Johanna insisted to start her search of the holy regalia of the True Emperor immediately, for she sensed that at least one of those treasures was hidden somewhere within the ruins of Mordheim. So with a heavy heart, Bertha sent the most trusted of her servants to accompany Johanna to face the immense perils of the City of the Damned.


From her birth, Johanna has been accompanied everywhere by supernatural Guardian, sent by Sigmar to protect her until she grew to her full strength. Most people see the Guardian as a great bird of light carrying a mighty warhammer akin to the the legendary Ghal-Maraz, others claim that the Guardian is a lamb of purest white with eyes like the blazing sun, while some see a fish with gleaming silver scales, a giant creature that swims through the air as if it was water. All agree that the Guardian moves with the swiftness of an eagle and allows no harm to come upon Johanna.

Johanna increases the Warband rating by +150 points.


M:4 WS:2 BS:2 S:2 T2: W:1 I:6 A:0/Special Ld:10

The Guardian
M:Special WS:10 BS:0 S:5 T5: W:3 I:10 A:3 Ld:10


Weapons and armor: none. The Child of Light does not fight in melee, but uses her other abilities. The Guardian can fight with full effectiveness without weapons.

The Guardian is deployed at the same time as the Child of Light, and normally stays within base-to-base contact with Johanna and moves with her. It automatically intercepts a charge against Johanna, though once it has intercepted one charge it cannot stop another.


Fate Points (FP):
Johanna can call upon her divine origin to perform miraculous actions. She starts the game with 4 Fate Points, that she can spend to take Fate Point Actions as noted below. She regains 2 Fate Points at the start of her turn, up to the maximum of 4.


Prayer (1FP):
Johanna asks her Sigmar for a favour, talking to him as a child to a parent. She can choose any of the prayers of Sigmar from the appropriate list, and the prayer will be automatically granted by Sigmar with no roll to succeed needed.


Shield of Light (1 FP): If Johanna suffers a wound for any reason, she can expand 1 Fate Point to make a special 3+ save against the wound on D6. There is no way to negate this save, as Sigmar himself extends his own shining shield to protect Johanna. If she fails, she can expend further Fate Points to take more saves against the same Wound should the save roll fail.


Guardian's Wings (1FP): Johanna's Guardian soars above her, and plucks any missiles or spells targeting her out of the sky. In the beginning of any turn, either the opponent's or Johanna's, you may declare that the Guardian is using this Action. Remove the Guardian from the board. No enemy long-range attack of any kind (nor any spell) can hit Johanna or her Guardian until the beginning of her warband's next turn. Note that while the Guardian is deflecting missiles and spells, it cannot fight in melee combat. The Guardian returns next to Johanna in the beginning of her next turn.


Guardian's Wrath (1FP): By expanding 1 FP in the beginning of her turn, Johanna can move the Guardian 18" at any direction she wishes, including up or down without a penalty, and you can even move the Guardian away from melee. If the Guardian moves into base-to-base contact with any enemy model, the Guardian counts as having charged at the enemy, and can attack using the normal game mechanics. If the Guardian is defeated in combat, it has to miss Johanna's next turn. It then materialises next to Johanna at the start of her following turn, and can act normally. This action can be done repeatedly during the same turn by paying the FP cost.


Touch of Redemption (2FP): In hand-to-hand combat Johanna can expand 2 Fate Points to try to make her enemies see the error of their ways. Johanna makes a single attack with her own WS. If it hits, the target must immediately take a LD test with -3 penalty. If the target fails, it will be overcome by remorse, kneel before Johanna, and immediately join Johanna's warband until the end of the battle. This power does not work against Daemons, Possessed, Darksouls, or any Undead or other unliving target (though it works against Mutants, Magistrates, Brethren, Dregs, Necromancers and other evil creatures that are still human -as long as you are alive, Salvation is within reach!). If the Touch of Redemption misses or fails, Johanna can expand further Fate Points to try it immediately again.


Purifying light (2FP): This Action can be used in Johanna's Shooting Phase, even if Johanna is engaged in melee combat. Johanna's body emits holy light which burns evil creatures with indescribable pain, turning their own vileness against them. All Daemons, Possessed, Undead, Beastmen and Skaven (and other evil creatures as agreed before the game) Models within 8" suffer an automatic S6 hit. This can be done only once per Shooting Phase.


Tears for the Fallen:
If any members of Johanna's warband are taken Out of Action, Johanna will be unconsolable and cry with anguish that lashes the souls of those around her. She causes Terror on all enemy models until the end of her own turn, and for the duration of the next turn of the Enemy. Use a token to indicate that Johanna is crying. Terror acts exactly like fear, except any model failing it's Ld test will run 2D6" away from Johanna. It can take a new test at the start of its next turn to stop and act normally. If the model fails, it continues running away.


Sigmar's favour: No Prayer of Simar will be granted to any warband opposing Johanna. All such Prayers fail automatically if attempted.


Sigmar's promise: Upon the victory of the Alliance of Men and Dwarfs at the Blackfire Pass over greenskins, Sigmar swore eternal friendship with the Dwarf race. Johanna is also bound by this mighty oath, and she can take no action that would directly harm a Dwarf in any way, including using her Guardian against Dwarfs. She can, however, use her Touch of Redemption on such opponents to make them see the error of their ways, or use abilities that do not directly harm a Dwarf.


Immune to Psychology: Demons, Undead and other horrors hold no fear to Johanna, and she is completely immune to psychology. This includes Frenzy or Hatred, for she is incapable of feeling such polluted emotions.


True Sight: Johanna sees through all plots, ambushes and shadows. Seeing her hidden enemies, she laughs at their silly antics of hide-and-seek, and points them out to her friends. No model in the opposing warband can hide while Johanna is present.


Walk on water: Johanna treats any body of water as open terrain.


Devout Following: Any members of Johanna's warband will never flee any battle due a Rout Test: her life is more important to them than their own. In addition, they can use Johanna's Ld for any tests they are called to take if they are within 12" of her. This applies even to the Leader of the Warband. Note that Johanna is NOT the leader: she is too young and innocent for the role, and Sigmar's strict orders were that she was not to rule over the Empire, but to inspire and assist them.




CHILD OF LIGHT rules by Tuomas Pirinen, Brutal Deluxe Game Design in pdf format. Updated V2.0.




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[Décors] Ravaged Lands: Shattered Stormvault

Est-ce-que ça ne serai pas un achat intéressant pour le club et les Volcaniques qui arrivent ? 

Entre autre :
• De quoi faire 2 grosses collines 
• Plan de sol
• 2 platformes

Opinions ? 

[Mordheim] Hired sword - Norse Shaman

Bon j'ai remis en page ce Franc-tireur pour le plaisir de mettre la figurine Mark Copplestone de chez Grenadier qui au final n'a même pas le bon équipement 😆 mais bon…
À la base c'est un Franc-Tireur pour la Lustrie qui a été repris dans Border Town Burning (qui se passe à l'est) mais je trouve qu'il va pas mal dans le setting de Mordheim.

Warhammer Forum

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Teburu : Jeu de Plateau Assité par Ordinateur

C'est fabriqué par CMON. Génial niveau immerssion, après côté pratique pour du jeu avec figurine qui justement tente parfois pour certains de nous sortir de toute cette technonologie.


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[Mordheim] Hired sword - Gaoler

Tuomas Pirinen qui remet les mains dans le cambouis

PDF - Hired Sword - Gaoler.pdf?dl=0
Mise en page
Publication des règles par Tuomas Pirinen sur sa page FB
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  3. Illustration ?
  4. Attente des compétences autorisées

[KoW] Kings of War 3e édition pour Octobre 2019

Rupture de stock du livre anglais, 10 ans, hop 3e édition et 380 pages !!

Kings of War Third Edition Coming October 2019

It's Ronnie here and I have something very important to talk about. The planets have aligned, the Celestians have spoken… it is time for Kings of War Third Edition.

Since the Clash of Kings book 2019 we have been evaluating whether to maintain what was there for one more year, or go ahead with the Third Edition. Every conversation with the Rules Committee pointed in the direction of a full new version of the game being the preferred route.

What's more, when we realised that September was the 10-year anniversary of the first Kings of War release, the urge became stronger.

Then we noticed that both the hard back and soft back books were running out of stock (they're now both completely sold out), and we only had one space left on the UK Clash of Kings trophy. Plus we discussed all the cool armies and miniatures we wanted to make – well, that was it – Third Edition was coming!

There is a press release below that we're sending out to the masses, and rest assured from what I have seen coming from the RC and Matt Gilbert's office – you are going to be blown away by what they have planned.

The release does say that this will be the first time KoW hasn't gone to Kickstarter, instead it'll be released the old-fashioned way – on the Mantic web store and from your friendly local gaming store. This is possible thanks to the fantastic support we have received from the community over the years, and the growth in popularity of the game.

So, stay tuned for more info as we have it, and make sure you are signed up to the newsletter to keep getting the hot stories directly into your inbox – especially the limited edition… oh, wait what – am I not allowed to mention that yet??? 


Mantic Games releasing a new 380-page rulebook for the world's best mass battle fantasy wargame straight to retail in 2019.

Mantic Games is pleased to announce that this October it will be releasing a brand-new edition for its best-selling mass battle fantasy wargame, Kings of War. Inside the 380-page tome, you'll find expanded lore for the world of Pannithor, army lists for 14 factions and, of course, revamped and refreshed rules.

The new edition will be available directly via Mantic Games webstore and through all regular gaming and hobby stores around the world. This is the first time Kings of War has not been released via Kickstarter, highlighting the growth and popularity of the game. 

Alongside the book will be the brand-new Northern Alliance army, titanic monsters for some existing factions and a commemorative diorama. Plus, Mantic Games has a comprehensive selection of Kings of War releases planned throughout the rest of 2019, into 2020 and beyond, including a supplement with additional army lists – taking the total number to 26.

"2019 marks 10 years since we started Mantic Games and first released the Kings of War elves," said Mantic Games CEO, Ronnie Renton. "As such, it seemed fitting to celebrate this important milestone with a new edition of the world's best fantasy wargame.

"Kings of War is the jewel in our crown and we've been working tirelessly to make sure this new edition exceeds expectations. For fans it will make their favourite fantasy game even better, with improved rules for army creation, tighter, more competitive gameplay and lots more!"

Over the coming weeks and month Mantic Games will be releasing more information about Kings of War Third Edition so make sure you subscribe to the Mantic Games newsletter or keep checking the blog

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[Battle] Kickstarter - Fenris Games - The Cauldron Warband by FenrisGames

Celui-là aussi il est old school mais les NdC de Nyurgle sont top, la reprise des figs de feu Gribbly Miniatures.

À propos


With this project, we're aiming to produce a rotting warband of 28mm-scaled character models for you to use in any number of game settings and with any suitable ruleset.
Sculpted in a decidedly oldschool style and aesthetic, these modern-sized miniatures will fit in with your existing armies, form an entire chaotic warband, or add flavour and personality to your roleplaying party.
Most models are cast in high quality white metal; some of the larger beasts will be produced in fine quality urethane resin. Our casters have long experience in producing fine quality castings in both materials and have a proven track record of delivering on time.
Want just one model from the set? No problem. Fancy a handpicked skirmish force? Again, easily done. Want a whole skirmish warband with some additional huge centrepiece beasties? We've got you covered.

While all of the main warband models are already moulded and cast, this is a Kickstarter, not a preorder for shipping-ready product - and most have yet to reach the head of our painting queue. Pictures show either painted master castings or the original master sculpts. Hoping to update with more painted pics during the campaign!
Include any of these inidividual models to your Pledge by adding the cost marked on the lower right corner of each pic to your Pledge - eg. add Stumpff to a ROT GRUB Pledge for a total of £4.

Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Cackling maniacally, Stumpff leads the dwarven cohort with word and with spell. Terrible mansplainer.
24mm to the top of his head. One piece white metal model.

Two piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Two piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Keeping his ridiculous beard meticulously clean while slathering the rest of his being in ordure, Saw uses the cursed mace Pestle to grind skulls to paste. Loves folk music.
24mm tall multipart white metal miniature

Two piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Two piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Thoroughly disagreeable to every last inch of his four foot six height, Skaphion channels his anger towards chopping enemies into easily digestible chunks. Hobbies: woodcarving, philately.
23mm to the crest of his helm.

Two-part unpainted white metal miniature.
Two-part unpainted white metal miniature.
Nobody has ever seen Kopron outside of his armour and foetid robes. He communicates in grunts and a variable flaring of the baleful glow from his skull sockets. The ultimate socially awkward wallflower, he much prefers two-handed bladeswinging to Karaoke.
32mm to his rusty eyehole.

Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Sent to act as servitor to Sorceror Maldred, this creature can disappear like smoke, reforming to catch victims unawares as it spreads pestilence. Huge repertoire of folk songs. Very stabby.

Single piece unpainted white metal model.
Single piece unpainted white metal model.
Beloved of the goddess, she spreads the Rotten Word and blesses the fallen with the caress of her tentacle and the fumes from her censer. Skilled spider wrangler. Fave colour: purple.
31mm to her eye level. White metal miniature.

Multipart unpainted white metal miniature.
Multipart unpainted white metal miniature.
Blessed by the Powers, Hinrich's single eye allows him to see an opponent's next move so that he can outfight anyone. Not to be trusted with left turns.
Two piece white metal miniature.

Multipart unpainted white metal miniature.
Multipart unpainted white metal miniature.
Cursed for so long that it no longer remembers its own origins, Annuvin sees into all times and places at the same time. Clearly insane, and prone to dropping Spoilers.
32mm to the top of its head. Multipart white metal model.

Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Chosen of the gods, leader of the warband, and bearer of the sacred Bile Cauldron. GSOH, central heating, all his own teeth.
Single-piece white metal miniature.

Single piece unpainted resin model.
Single piece unpainted resin model.
A snivelling, slithering wet mass of teeth, toes, and tusks, Spot hung around the campfire waiting for scraps and now follows the warband everywhere. Good with children and animals, hates cats.
60mm diameter, 50mm+ tall resin miniature cast in one piece.

Two piece unpainted resin miniature.
Two piece unpainted resin miniature.
Youngest of the two troll mercenaries in Maldred's employ, Sobell's job description in the warcompany's roster lists him as "Blunt Force Technician".
60mm tall to the top of his skull. Resin two part miniature.

Multipart unpainted resin model kit.
Multipart unpainted resin model kit.
Eldest brother of the Troll Twins (NB they're "twins" only for professional/tax reasons), Rollo is the sophisticated heavy of the warband and considers himself a connoisseur of elf heads.
60mm to the top of his head. Three piece resin miniature kit.

Single piece unpainted white metal model.
Single piece unpainted white metal model.
Adaon is on the trail of the Warband, having been Geased to bring back the heads of the Troll Twins. He's not quite figured out yet that he doesn't necessarily need twin axes to take twin heads...
White metal miniature. 20mm to the top of his head; 25mm to the top of his haircut.

Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Single piece unpainted white metal miniature.
Gwystyl has had a run-in with the Warband before now, losing his eye to Putriss' barbed tentacle some years back and swearing vengeance ever since. He really is old enough to know better with that haircut by now, though.
White metal miniature. 20mm to the top of his forehead; 32mm to the crest of his frohawk.

Choose from a  number of one-click Pledges for different rewards - add any individual models to any Pledge by simply increasing your Pledge by that amount.
eg. to add Skaphion and Saw to a BLOWFLY Pledge, increase your Pledge from £25 to £34

Pick any individual models, and customise your              Pledge.
Pick any individual models, and customise your Pledge.

All three Plague Dwarfs. Choose your own add-ons.
All three Plague Dwarfs. Choose your own add-ons.

All five cultist models. Choose your own add-ons.
All five cultist models. Choose your own add-ons.

The whole Warband. Ten models total. Choose your              add-ons.
The whole Warband. Ten models total. Choose your add-ons.

The Whole Warband. Fourteen models total. Choose              your add-ons.
The Whole Warband. Fourteen models total. Choose your add-ons.

Everything in this campaign, including all Add-ons              and Unlocked Stretch Goals. At least 20 models total.
Everything in this campaign, including all Add-ons and Unlocked Stretch Goals. At least 20 models total.

You can add any number of individual models from the main campaign warband to any Pledge - if, for instance, you want 3 of Stumpff, just increase the amount of your Pledge by £4 x 3 = £12
You can also add separate miniatures such as the Dwarf slayers or the Plague Legends from our existing range ( many of you will have never seen these before if you're new to Fenris ! ) - again, just increase the amount of your Pledge by the value of that model, eg. £25 to add the Vilespawn model. All of these here are offered at a reduced price to RRP.

Two piece resin model.
Two piece resin model.
A magically-summoned artifact that creates its own rocky trivet, emits an aura of heating for a cold winter's night, and produces enough chitlins soup to feed an army.
60 x 45mm base; 45mm tall. Two piece resin model kit.
Add £5 to your Pledge.

Single piece resin model.
Single piece resin model.
When enough giant rats swarm together, a Rat King will form. Six or more rats, fused together by their writhing tails, forming a Hivemind with telepathic control over a rat swarm and increased intelligence. Requires frequent change of bedding.
Single piece urethane resin model with integral base. 45mm diameter.
Add £6 to your Pledge for this model.

Two multipart resin models.
Two multipart resin models.
Stinky and Slimey (it's always difficult to tell them apart) just never stopped growing since they burst forth from a foetid boil on Maldred's shoulder. Not necessarily what you expect from the term "inseparable companions".
Two resin bileworms with separate tongues. 70mm+ in length. Supplied with 60mm diameter resin bases.
Add £25 to your Pledge for both models.

Multipart resin model.
Multipart resin model.
The Broodmother's buboes continually produce a sickly-sweet smelling pus that the Warband use to trace protective spell circles on setting up camp. This is just as horrible as it sounds.
Three piece resin miniature. 95mm tall assembled; supplied with 70mm diameter resin base.
Add £20 to your Pledge for this model.

Multipart resin miniature.
Multipart resin miniature.
Camp cook - famed for his twice-yukked chili con wormy - the Vilespawn runs a sideline business taking in washing. Has never been seen washing out the cauldron in between loads of clothing or of food.
Three piece resin model kit. Approx. 70mm to the top of the head, supplied with a 70mm diameter resin base.
Add £25 to your Pledge for this model.

Four piece resin model kit.
Four piece resin model kit.
Harry used to live under a perfectly good bridge until a family of goats moved in nearby. The constant bleating and kids climbing the vertical surfaces of his home drove him out to seek adventurers.
Four piece resin model with 70mm diameter resin scenic base. 70mm to the top of his head.
Add £25 to your Pledge for this miniature.

Multipart giant resin kit.
Multipart giant resin kit.
A shuffling mountain of putrid, dripping flesh, this hugely infectious giant's silhouette alone is enough to clear a battlefield. If your opponent is downwind, the smell does the rest.
Four piece high quality resin model kit. 160mm tall including sculpted resin base.
Add £40 to your Pledge for this huge "miniature".

Three single-piece resin models.
Three single-piece resin models.
Another part of the rotting menagerie that attends the periphery of the Warband's journeys, these bulbous horrors act very much like watchdogs, shrieking alarm at signs of movement nearby.
Three single-piece resin models, supplied with scenic resin bases. Average length 60mm.
Add £18 to your Pledge for the set of three.

Set of white metal tentacles and claws.
Set of white metal tentacles and claws.
Set of eight white metal tentacles, claws, and assorted gribbly appendages - ideal for conversion of chaotic models, monsters, or for adding to terrain features. Ranging from 25 to 85mm in length.
Add one set of tentacles for £10.

KS Exclusive - 15oz El Grande giant mug with full              colour wraparound artwork.
KS Exclusive - 15oz El Grande giant mug with full colour wraparound artwork.
It wouldn't be a Fenris kickstarter without some Marty Whitmore art!
Printed onto our ever-popular, giant-sized El Grande 15oz. mug (almost 50% larger than a standard coffee mug!), this holds enough liquid for the thirstiest coffee hound and has a handle big enough to fit your whole pseudopod into.
NB Mug is standard shape, with one handle; graphic shows dimensions of wraparound image print.
Exclusive to this Kickstarter, add one to your Pledge for £10.

I have a huge backlog of unreleased sculpts needing Kickstarter help to get mastered and into production. If the warband from the main campaign funds well, there's scope to release even more thematically-linked, old school fantasy models.
If/when unlocked you can add more to your pledge (any level) by adding the relevant reward cost (eg. +£20 for Itzibitzi) to your pledge.
The stretch goal unlock targets will be unveiled (and may be adjusted) during the campaign for optimal momentum!


RAT PACK £6000

Set of six white metal giant rats. Add for £15 if              Unlocked.
Set of six white metal giant rats. Add for £15 if Unlocked.
The warband started their career earning coin by hunting giant rats in the cellars of their local pub. Nowadays they attract the same vermin to follow close behind them, scavenging anything Good Boy Spot misses. Average height 15mm at the shoulders, with separate poseable tails. Includes resin bases.
If Unlocked, you can add a set of six white metal giant rats to your Pledge for £15

Set of five white metal multipart wererats. Add to              your Pledge for £15 when Unlocked.
Set of five white metal multipart wererats. Add to your Pledge for £15 when Unlocked.
Where there are giant rats, there are usually wererats. While their constant chittering and squeaking is enough to drown out even Stumpff's highpitched squeals, they do form a useful line of defence and arrow sponge while the Warband debrief over the Vilespawn's latest culinary endeavours.
Average height 26mm with separate poseable tails. Includes resin bases.
If Unlocked, you can add a set of five white metal wererats for £15.

Single piece white metal miniature. Add him to your              Pledge for £5 if Unlocked.
Single piece white metal miniature. Add him to your Pledge for £5 if Unlocked.
How on earth an ex-legionary soldier was raised from the dead to Unlife and then began hanging around with a Plague-obsessed gang of ne'er-do-wells is anyone's guess, but legend has it Septus was born in the same stable as Maldred. This dessicated centurion spends most of his time as nightwatchman for the band, not needing to sleep or to eat.
32mm to-the-eyes miniature.
If Unlocked, you can add this white metal model to your Pledge for £5.

Once Maldred's right-hand man, Damyin gradually regressed into a sluglike mass whose sole contribution to the warband now is adding his opinions to discussions in a broad Highlands accent. 25mm to its topmost tentacle tip.
FREE to all Pledges of £25 or higher if Unlocked.

Set of two multipart resin model kits. Add them to              your Pledge for £25 if Unlocked.
Set of two multipart resin model kits. Add them to your Pledge for £25 if Unlocked.
One of the many bestial hangers-on that frolic in the Warband's vanguard, Bandersnatchii often hunt in pairs to outweigh the odds against adventurers armed with jinxy pistols.  They specialise in sniffing out Bankers and uncashed cheques. Very frumious.
90/100mm long, approx. 28mm to the shoulder. Includes scenic resin bases.
If Unlocked, you can add both of these four-part resin models to your Pledge for £25.

Multipart resin model kit. Add to your Pledge for              £20 if Unlocked.
Multipart resin model kit. Add to your Pledge for £20 if Unlocked.
They've just never found a slipper big enough.
A twelve piece resin model. 120mm long from spinnerets to front feet,80mm overall height. Supplied with 120mm diameter resin base.
If Unlocked, you can add her to your Pledge for £20.

Fenris Games is a small company thrust into the limelight as the creators of the models used in Cthulhu Wars. We're old school gamers with a background in professional modelmaking and prototyping, with a combined experience of over 60 years. As well as Cthulhu Wars, our regular sculptors have worked for some of the biggest names in the wargaming and tabletop industry, including Games Workshop, Reaper, Ral Partha, Wizards of the Coast, and many more.
Macrocosm Miniatures and Shed Games, our casters, are full time metal and resin casters with a proven track record working with small manufacturers and on fulfilment of numerous recent kickstarters over the last couple of years.

White metal models in this campaign are mostly single-part; some have separate weapons and shields or separate hands with weapons attached.
Resin models are mostly multipart and will require some assembly.
All models should require a minimum amount of cleanup and prep ahead of undercoating and painting - nothing more than normally required for any equivalent tabletop gaming miniatures. Both resin and metal miniatures can be fixed with cyano / superglues and may benefit from pinning at joints.

Postage costs will be calculated on completion of your pledge, during the backer survey stage of the campaign, and will be dependent on final weight/volume of your base reward and any add-ons you may have chosen. All parcels will be sent by tracked/signed-for services through Royal Mail - delivery times will vary according to country of final destination.These shippings costs will vary greatly depending on the weight/bulk of any add-ons you choose - we're confidently estimating  (postal price increases notwithstanding) that this will add between £5-20 per customer for tracked/signed for mail, with highest costs being applied to overseas and/or large pledges. For example, a FULL ROTTEN ARMY pledge (packed weight just over 1 kilo) posting to the USA would need an additional £20 shipping added in the Pledge Manager).
Costs include not just Royal Mail's actual postage charges  -  shown here ( but also enough to cover actual costs of packing materials.
Fenris Games is not liable for any customs or handling fees you may be charged by your country on import of your reward(s). 

Risques et défis

All of the sculpts for this project are already finished - there will be no added delays waiting for pieces to be finished. Master moulds for most of the models have already been made and test castings poured (hence the painted examples shown in the campaign) - a successful campaign here will allow the manufacture of Production Moulds and, shortly thereafter, the mass casting of both white metal and resin models.
We have two dedicated subcontract casters ready and waiting to start work on making the models needed for fulfilment of your Pledge. As soon as those all-important funds arrive, resin and metal will begin to pour!
We've been making moulds and casting resin for over 30 years, and have partnered with a hugely reliable subcontract casting company whose work meets our high standards. They've made test moulds and pre-production castings of the warband models to measure mould wear and longevity, so already have a handle on production time, wear & tear, and amounts of materials needed.
This is our third Kickstarter. We've learned a huge amount from our first two, and know just which pitfalls to avoid and how best to deal with any new challenges. Our previous campaign - Rubble City - is over 90% fulfilled and expected to complete within another few weeks at time of writing. While there have been delays to production of the handcast resin components, these have been largely due to bereavement and the emotional and practical fallout that resulted. While we used to also supply contract casting for other gaming companies, we now concentrate only on our own work, meaning that once fulfilment on the previous KS is complete the workshop will be clear to concentrate on Fenris business alone; with subcontract casting being handled offsite, this project will not involve any considerable quantity of in-house casting work - freeing us up to process your Pledge as soon as stock castings arrive at the workshop and to finetune packing and shipping all the faster.
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