mardi 24 juin 2014

Drakerys, the miniature game by Don't Panic Games — Kickstarter

Parce que l'ami Mohand n'arrêtera pas de martyriser si je ne partage
pas. Sans parler des figurines les décors déboitent !! On en prend pour
Stonhenge ?

Hell Dorado - Releases and Progress Report — Kickstarter

Ils sont beau les Sarrasins !! La version VF avance !!

New Releases and Progress Report

Hello Everyone,

We are still working on many things here.  The French cards are done being reformatted and will be uploaded and begin printing next week.  Once we get those we can ship all the orders to Europe.  The French rulebook is still being reworked as the first reformat didn't work with the printer needs but we're reworking it now.  Since it's being printed in Germany there is a little bit of translation lag but we've got someone working on it now that should help.  It has been a painstaking task.

We have our new release schedule up.

Here's what's coming out next:

 July Release

 September Release

Flagellants will follow not far behind.  They are looking great but still need a lot of work so I'll show those when they get a little closer.

I'll keep more frequent communication while we get these last details worked out.