samedi 15 octobre 2011

The Red Beastmen of Mordheim [PICS]

Il m'énerve un peu le Speedpainter ! Encore très beau je trouve

The Red Beastmen of Mordheim [PICS]

Hello again! For client another warband (the first were the Kislevites here: This time they were beastmen accompanied by a minotaur, a centigor and three chaos hounds. The client wanted these red with light grey fur, so of course I obliged. To make it look more natural I added a touch of dark grey and black in the mix as well on some spots, most notably down the backs of some models. I personally don't like hard edges between two colours of a pelt so I blended it in as well as I could where appropriate. The hounds received the same colours as the rest of the bunch with a bit more patterning on the skin.

To contrast the red skin I painted the loincloths and trousers light green. I think this colour works in all directions: it works as a natural colour, it works for Nurgle and being quite light it even works for slaanesh to some extent (for example on the one with the Fiend face). It may not work that well for Tzeentch or Khorne but the models are already red and white so those gods shouldn't complain anyway wink

Apart from the green there aren't a lot of colours in use as these fellows just don't wear too much clothing, just your basic black and brown leathers mostly, more colours would look out of place.

The Centigor was missing a horn so I filled the hole where the other horn should be and modelled it as if the horn had broken off.

The Minotaur is a pretty rough sculpt and I don't think we've become friends, on the other hand there are some real gems in there, especially the warthogmen are lovely!

The client made a lot of effort to model nice bases for these models and he's going to finish them himself, so for now they're a bit brown. I can't wait to see the final result though!

[Image: redbeastmen01.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen02.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen03.jpg][Image: redbeastmen04.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen05.jpg][Image: redbeastmen06.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen07.jpg][Image: redbeastmen08.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen09.jpg][Image: redbeastmen10.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen11.jpg][Image: redbeastmen12.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen13.jpg][Image: redbeastmen14.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen15.jpg][Image: redbeastmen16.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen17.jpg][Image: redbeastmen18.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen19.jpg][Image: redbeastmen20.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen21.jpg][Image: redbeastmen22.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen23.jpg][Image: redbeastmen24.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen25.jpg][Image: redbeastmen26.jpg]
[Image: redbeastmen27.jpg][Image: redbeastmen28.jpg]
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