lundi 17 octobre 2011

Onemanworkshop's Song of Blades and Heroes warbands

J'aime bien sont style et sa façon de mixer des gammes. Le zombis Heroscape par exemple sont bien cool.
The Zombie Horde Warband

The figure manifest for this group:
  - The zombies are all from Heroscape, I have a total of 15 of them done for this group.
  - The ghast in the center is from Reaper Miniatures,
Maugramak, Ghast Hero
  - The female on the left is also from Reaper Miniatures, Darkthrall Priestess
  - The large zombie ogre is a D&D Zombie Hulk figure
  - and finally the large necromancer is a Bloodelf Necromancer from World of Warcraft minaitures game. It has been modified with a staff from Reaper miniatures, 
Darkspawn Weapons Pack