samedi 23 octobre 2010

Realm of Lead Addiction - Chaos Dwarf army


Chaos Dwarf army

As there isn´t anything new to show I´m going to present you stuff from the cabinet that hasn´t been touched in ages (2007 to be precise).
When it hit me that the stuff GW releadsed back in the 80s was so much more characterful than their newer stuff I got rid of the majority of minis to fund my holy grail of Citadel goodness (and spent weeks on ebay in the process): 80s Chaos Dwarfs
I painted these within a month for a game. A mixed blessing as they are painted but things could be done better (faces and red highlights). I always wanted to do shields and pimp the bases. As you can see I have done nothing.

18 warriors with a converted standard

The characters. Note the Dwarf Lord of Legend gone traitor.

Big guns, small guns, lethal guns, deadly get the picture. All members of the NRA, they are evil bastards after all.

Bull Centaurs. And yes cut up Marauder CDs