samedi 23 octobre 2010

Halloween Sweet Deal on Warzone games & expansions

Le sac de 80 figurines Warzone pour moins de 6€ !!!!

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De : PrinceAugust
Date : vendredi 22 octobre 2010 15:40
Objet : Halloween Sweet Deal on Warzone games & expansions

Soon we will hear the pitter patter of tiny ghosts, ghouls, Pixar
character lookalikes and vampires as they approach your door looking
for treats, or possibly just to egg your house, car or pet.

Why not give their tiny teeth a break and give them something that
will occupy their little minds for weeks afterwards (and avoid
inflicting the sugar madness later on on their parents).

Prince August has sliced to ribbons the prices on our Warzone Mutant
Chronicles games, expansions, books and the famous bag of 80 Bauhaus
and Imperial troops.

Examples include the main Warzone game has been reduced to 14.95 Euro
from 39.95 Euro. The bag of 80 soldiers is now 5.95 Euro instead of
19.95 Euro.

This discount will expire on the 26th of October.

Note: Prince August staff will not be available to process orders on
Monday as it's an Irish Bank Holiday.

Enjoy the weekend,

Michael O'Brien, webmaster.

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